My Students

This page is a student showcase that lists my music students. As a result, you can find student’s names and pictures. By clicking on them, you will be redirected to a fuller website about each student.

Alanna Crouch

Short biography Alanna Crouch, age 12, lives in Romford, UK and began playing the piano when she was 3 with ...
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Carlo Allegri Rodríguez

Short biography Carlo Allegri Rodríguez is a violinist born in Milano, Italy on October 1, 1998. Currently, he is living ...
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Francisco José Clavero Recio

Short biography Francisco José Clavero Recio was born in Vélez - Málaga, he was raised in Benamocarra, and now, he ...
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Julián Laguna Vicioso

Short biography Julián Laguna Vicioso was born in Málaga (Spain) on January 7, 1988. At age 10 he begins his ...
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Maddy Chassar-Hesketh

Short biography Maddy Chassar-Hesketh was born in England on the 5th July 2005 and has been playing music since she ...
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Sergio Rodríguez Molina

Short biography Sergio Rodríguez Molina was born in Málaga (1995), and at his young age of 23, he has already ...
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