Maddy Chassar-Hesketh

Short biography

Maddy Chassar-Hesketh was born in England on the 5th July 2005 and has been playing music since she was 4 years old. She has always written her own music. Maddy has taken all her grades on the piano and is currently preparing for her piano diploma exams. Also, she plays the harp to a high standard and has recently started playing the flute.

She writes music very much inspired by the earth’s landscape and has played in many sacred places such as Stonehenge and Silbury Hill. She hopes that through her music people will again fall in love with the earth and its beauty (as many have become disconnected from it). Winner of the BBC Proms Junior Composer of the Year Award

Her Music

 Weeping Snow into Blossom

Still between Suns

She’s currently writing her fourth album due for release in July. Her first 3 albums (written with her younger brother Samuel) are all available to listen to via all the popular streaming channels (Apple Music, Spotify, etc). They are called ‘This Healing Place’ and the albums are called ‘A Beautiful Day in the Hills’ (2016), ‘First Circle’ (2018) and ‘Weeping Snow into Blossom’ (2019). She is also preparing to take her Piano Diploma Exams.

Spotify Playlist

This Healing Place on Spotify

Feedback about Music Lessons with Bohdan Syroyid

“Bohdan is great to work with as he’s allowed me to strengthen both my formal compositional skills and still encourage freedom of expression and creativity. I’ve always written intuitively and feared learning formal composition would stifle this until I started to take lessons with Bohdan. His ability to bring techniques to life and ensure they are relevant to the music I’m working on is second to none. I would highly recommend Bohdan Syroyid to any creative musician looking to not only pass examinations but also to improve their creative music vocabulary. Thanks for your support Bohdan!” – Maddy Chassar-Hesketh about her composition lessons with Bohdan Syroyid.

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