Julián Laguna Vicioso

Short biography

Julián Laguna Vicioso was born in Málaga (Spain) on January 7, 1988. At age 10 he begins his music studies at the Elementary and Professional Conservatory of Music “Ateneo Música y Danza” (Málaga). There he specializes in piano, instrument which he continues studying until he obtains a Professional Degree in Music.

Currently, he is completing his composition studies, awaiting for the public defense of his bachelor’s dissertation in June 2019 at the Higher Conservatory of Music of Murcia (CSMMurcia) “Manuel Massotti Littel” under the supervision of his tutor Prof. Antonio Guillén Posteguillo.

Julián has played on New Year concerts in prestigious hotels of Málaga, such as “Hotel Barceló” and the most renowned hotel in Marbella, “Marbella Club Hotel

His musical oeuvre is very large (over 500 music composition), covering the majority of musical genres, such as: orchestral works, piano concerti, rondos, waltzes, minuets, sonatas, fantasies, nocturnes, studies, dances, preludes, suites, songs for voice with piano accompaniment (pop style), atonal pieces, other pieces without a specific form and a Requiem.

His music

Honors Bachelor’s Dissertation in Music Composition by Julián Laguna Vicioso
Julián Laguna Vicioso playing his own composition dedicated to his wife

Featured tracks

“Aleksandra, my only star” by Julián Laguna Vicioso
Tango, No. 1 “Penas de amor” by Julián Laguna Vicioso

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Feedback about Music Lessons with Bohdan Syroyid

“Bohdan has been the best teacher I have ever had. Any doubts or questions that I had about composition and music, he has solved in a very good manner and practice. Topics that seemed hard to understand, he makes them eventually very simple, and this has helped me to have very clear musical ideas. He has undoubtedly influenced me significantly in my compositional technique. He is an excellent teacher and musician. I recommend him without hesitation” – Julián Laguna Vicioso about his composition lessons with Bohdan Syroyid

Contact Julián Laguna Vicioso at grayvevo@hotmail.com

More info about Julián Laguna Vicioso on www.jlagunavicioso.com

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