Master’s Degree in Music Research (2014-2015)

International University of La Rioja

9 subjects: 112 hours of lessons, 60 ETCS, 1,800 hours of study

Average grade: 9.73

  1. Research Techniques and Treatment of Bibliographic Resources, 4 months with Cristina Martí Martínez.
  2. Scientific and Artistic Research Methods. 4 months with Nuria Fernández Herranz and Soledad Ferreras Mencía.
  3. Computerized Musical Analysis. 4 month with Antonio Palmer Aparicio.
  4. Mathematics and Physics Applied to Musical Research. 4 months with Víctor Padilla Martín-Caro.
  5. Acoustics, Electroacoustic, Electronics Applied to Sonology and Musicology. 4 months with Víctor Padilla Martín-Caro.
  6. Technology Applied to Musical Education. 4 months with Edith Alonso Sánchez and Alfonso Elorriaga Llor.
  7. Composition Projects and Computer-aided Musical Interpretation. 4 months with Óscar Escudero Romero.
  8. Integrative Projects of Visual Arts. 4 months with José Luis Centeno Osorio.
  9. Final Master’s Degree Project. 6 months with Víctor Padilla Martín-Caro.