Essercizii musici, TWV 41:F4, I. Andante (Telemann)

Georg Philipp Telemann is one of the most versatile and prolific composers of the late Baroque, an author of over 3000 compositions. Telemann music remains largely to be rediscovered by the broader public, and we are fortunate that a massive corpus of his works has been preserved to the present day, published, and edited. Here, I am providing my reinterpretation of a little jewel, originally written for violin and figured bass: the first solo from the “Essercizii musici” (in English, “Musical Exercises”). In my piano version, I am following quite closely Telemann’s original although the ritornelli are slightly expanded with a little improvisation. Likewise, the modulatory sections are freely ornamented, and a little restatement of the main theme is added as a coda. To me, this piece is a perfect example of a heavenly Andante in a peaceful major mode.